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How to Buy

Buying your Doorbell Decor bracket and tile combination is easy.

  1. Pick the number of brackets you need
  2. Let us know your house siding type and which tiles you like.
  3. Either call us or email us and we can start the process
    (916) 778-7855 or |

Pricing is easy. You buy a bracket and a tile, or tiles. We ship domestic US only at this point. Pricing for shipping is fixed at $5.00 flat rate shipping, for up to five tiles or five brackets.

Package Pricing

Doorbell Decor Bracket and Tile (1): $30.00
Doorbell Decor Bracket and Tiles (2): $35.00
Doorbell Decor Bracket and Tiles (3): $40.00

Individual Pricing

Doorbell Decor Bracket: $16.00
Doorbell Decor Tile (1): $14.00
Doorbell Decor Tiles (2): $20.00
Doorbell Decor Tiles (3): $30.00

We have coupon codes available for online members of Doorbell D├ęcor and appreciate repeat customers.

Thank you again, and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions you may have!


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