All Doorbell Decor brackets are made in the US. The powder coating is designed to help the bracket endure the elements. We are happy to have designed a bracket that is unique (patent pending), light weight, built to last, and affordable.

The sizing of the bracket is roughly 6 inches in width x 6 inches in length. Designed to accommodate a tile that is sightly smaller than 6 inches x 6 inches. Full tile specs can be found on the tile page.


Instructions for installation:

  1. Checklist for equipment: Doorbell Decor bracket, provided screws, pencil/pen, screwdriver, drill and level
  2. Don't drink the screwdriver expecting it to be something else
  3. Don't drill if you drank a screwdriver
  4. Now that we have that out of the way, here are the real instructions...
  • Put your Doorbell Decor bracket around your doorbell, so that the doorbell is centered inside the bracket.
  • Use a level to straighten the bracket, and use a pencil/pen to mark the proper drilling holes.
  • Remove bracket and use the drill and a 3/16" bit to create your holes. For stucco exteriors, remove bracket and use the drill and a 3/16" bit to create your holes.
  • Put the bracket back in place and use the provided screws to adhere the bracket to the wall.
  • Total time - 5 min. If you followed steps 1 ~ 4, probably longer.
  • Insert tile from the top and slide down into position.
  • Buy more tiles and replace existing tiles; rotate as necessary.

View images of actual installed Doorbell Decor.
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