about us
Hey there, glad you found us! We hope you were introduced to Doorbell Decor via a friend, relative or through receipt of a gift... and not because you are at wits end about some neighborhood kids ringing your doorbell at all hours of the night! ;) (We have a tile for that!)

Who are we...

We are just like you. We are parents. Our family has lost a few winks due to the untimely ring of the doorbell. We love receiving items from UPS as much as the next person, but not when the little bambino has just closed his or her eyes and is suddenly jolted awake! Blocking the doorbell came to my wife, Krista, about seven years ago... We sat on it for a long while, not knowing what to do, how to do it or if there would really be a market for our "fix".

What we've noticed...

Then, we saw that multiple friends and family members, who had recently become parents, had placed 'post-it' notes over their doorbells and applied about fifteen layers of tape to make sure it stuck. The note read "Please knock, baby sleeping." Simple, and crude, yet effective. We thought, "we can do better than a post-it..." We knew we were not alone in this doorbell ringing battle. ;) Next, we designed the frame. Actually producing it was way above the pay grade of one Chad Steinmetz, so with some tweaks to our design from some smart people, and some crafty engineering folks, our idea became the bracket you see today!

Our Goal...

Our original goal was simple: Help give parents some peace of mind that the delivery people in brown shorts, who drive brown trucks, are not going to rip little Johnny out of the Land of Nod. Now, we've come up with several reasons not to ring one's doorbell! It might be that you want to dress up your boring old doorbell, or let friends know to not bother knocking and just c'mon in to the fiesta!, or tell sales people without even opening the door that you aren't interested. The list goes on... We are making simple communication attractive, fun, creative, interesting... and productive! In the end, if we help a few folks get more winks at night (or during the day as it may be), then good job Doorbell Decor.

Special thanks to...

Chad and Krista have a loving family, wonderful friends and live South of Oregon, North of Mexico. We make the tiles ourselves and can even personalize your own unique tile. We are yet not experts, but we are getting better every day!

Speaking of wonderful friends, we want to thank Wendy for her superb web work, Rob for his photography and Amanda for her artistic creations - thank you all!


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